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Stunning Temple Jewellery Pieces For Indian Women

I always wondered why my mother was so excited about buying Temple Jewellery for weddings of my cousins and relatives. Besides, I never found them different than any other piece of gold collection until I started working on wedding photography recently.

Furthermore, bridal Temple Jewellery collection is an inevitable part of South Indian weddings. However, brides from other parts of India also choose them now to amp up their bridal look.

The antique value, the perfect finish, and the statement element they have are the reasons why brides choose Temple ornaments. So I thought an article on it would help brides who are looking for gold jewels for their wedding.

Where did it appear first? History says that Temple Jewellery was in wide use during the Chola dynasty in the 9th century. Back then, these jewellery pieces were used as offerings to temples and thus they got that name. Moreover, the kings and queens of those times used to wear these ornaments. Each piece showcases symbols of Hinduism, the faces of idols, nature, and much more elements.

Though Indian Temple Jewellery collection is made out of pure gold, people use emeralds, rubies, pearls, and uncut diamonds to make them look even more attractive.


When we talk about the pricing, a bridal set of Temple Jewellery can cost you between 10-20 lakhs. Above all, the authentic pieces cost much more. So, the current day jewellers tend to mix up other metals with gold or add stones or crystals to reduce the cost.

Where is it available? Currently, you can get Temple Jewellery for brides at many providers in South India as well as North India. Some of the famous brands that sell them are Joy Alukkas, Tanishq, Malabar Gold, Bhima, GRT Jewellery, etc. And of course, it is always better to go and handpick your collection than blindly believing online sites and mediators.  Well, the following are the major Temple Jewellery pieces brides usually fall for. 

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